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Inktober 2016 second half

And my 2016 inktober month is complete! here is the second set of drawings. I hope you enjoy watching them.


Talisman Inktober 2016

Demon mask

Demon mask Inktober 2016

Wild Rose

Wild Rose Inktober 2016

Skull Balloon

Skull Balloon Inktober 2016

Flirty face

Flirty face Inktober 2016


Swallows inktober 2016

Sleepy Melon

Sleepy Melon Inktober 2016


Scarecrow Inktober 2016


Stache Inktober 2016

Baby Whale

Baby Whale Inktober 2016


RAT YIN YANG Inktober 2016

Tiny Fox

Tiny Fox Inktober 2016

Ladybird Wing

Ladybird Wing Inktober 2016


OWLY OWL Inktober 2016

When life gives you pickles, make gurketonic!

Football Maya Inktober 2016

378 views ✍   31 okt. 16

Inktober 2016 first half

I decided to take part in inktober. I havent drawn a lot over the past 2 years, and now decided to pick it up again. And with 16 days in I am really happy with the results thus far, and wanted to share them here! So here they come!

Skull Slush

skull slush Inktober 2016

278 views ✍  16 okt. 16

Pixel Wars update

Lately been working on a pixel series based on star wars here are some of the first results pixel wars R2D2

465 views ✍  17 mei. 16

Vector Cappuccino

As most of you know, I have this awesome cat named Cappuccino and I made a vector tribute of my naughty little rascal! He has been camping out with my parents due to a holiday and the fair being in town. Last year all the noise stressed him out! So I kinda miss him
vector cat cappuccino

888 views ✍  08 aug. 13

Pixelated Vader

Hello there, and SORRY for the lack of posts and updates, it's been busy times ... To make it up to you, I made this lovely pixelated 8bitty darth vader for you to enjoy!
WKMF Pixel Art pixelated dark side 8 bit Darth Vader Star WarsAfter I tuned this daddy up I made a more detailed one that you can enjoy after the click.

2228 views ✍  26 mrt. 13

Skateboard Vectors

I'm not a good skateboarder, but some of my friends really know how to throw some wild tricks! So I decided to convert some good pictures into vector. Just another trick up my sleeve
WKMF Skateboard vector flip

3151 views ✍  11 jan. 13

Dark Priest

This dark illuminati priest is forging a monster
illuminati Dark Priest summon satan Diablo

849 views ✍  10 dec. 12

Octopus with a tablet

Yes that's right, this smart octopus found himself a tablet and won't let it go!
Octopus character with a tablet

978 views ✍  01 dec. 12

Ninja Mosquito

So here is another buggy booger for you to enjoy, the ninja mosquito! He kept me awake last night, and my standard mosquito killing trick didn't work. Usually I leave the room and close the door, to come back a bit later and find that pesky insect at the wall next to my bed.
ninja mosquito vector character

901 views ✍  30 sep. 12


Sure once you go black you never go back, but designing on black is just whack! Tonight I put on my blacksmith gloves and vector bended this bokeh ring of death.

black ring vector effects

807 views ✍  23 sep. 12

Steve was a pirate too

YARR mateys! Th' day whar we all yabber, squawk and shout scurvy pirate tales has dawned upon us pirates. Step up 'ye olde scurvy slang, and grip ye bottles 'o spiced rum firmly, fer this day 'tis design like a scurvy pirate day! Show them who be cap'n, just like Steve did...

#DLPD Design Like Pirate Day

899 views ✍  19 sep. 12


Look at this lovely space invader like creature I spotted between my higgs boson vectorparticles!

WKMF Shark vector

825 views ✍  28 aug. 12

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