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Blue Batman

WKMF Batman vector drawbatman

After #drawhellboy, here is another one for @themooks this time it is an entry for the #drawbatman pool. After a few rough sketches, I vectored up this bad bad bat!

It's lovely how the batman icon changes over time, here is a cool animation highlighting some of the icon variations!

884 views ✍   29 dec. 11


WKMF Hellboy vector drawhellboy

977 views ✍  27 dec. 11


It's not even near sharkweek, but here is a nice vector shark!
WKMF Shark vector

2092 views ✍  18 dec. 11

Digital graffiti

This little sketch was on my desk for about 4 months, decided to pick it up for tonights #pixelrace along with a combination of patterns and blend modes to juice up the contrast in the letters!

931 views ✍  07 dec. 11

The Advectores of Tintin

The Adventures of Tintin is in cinemas now and I am very curious about it! As a kid I loved reading the comics with that cute iconic dog and that famous red-white checkered rocket. I watched some trailers and decided to make a vector tribute to Tintin, or 'Kuifje' as we dutchies call him.
WKMF Tintin vector

956 views ✍  05 dec. 11

Birds of the future

Birds are taking over these days, we all tweet around, shoot them at pigs in Angrybirds and fly over colourful landscapes in Tinywings. I also like birds alot and decided to vector a friendly bird resting on a powerline.

968 views ✍  26 okt. 11

Big head toons

A while back I created these big headed vector toons. They were living like voices inside my brain and I had to let them out. Maybe I will create more later, I like them alot!

1090 views ✍  14 okt. 11

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