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Puke rainbows!

You might have noticed that but the whole web is puking rainbows. If this goes on we can go surfing rainbows any day now and WKMF would like to contribute, with a collection of mainstreamed colors!

WKMF Mr Range
WKMF Mr Ellow
WKMF Mr Reen
WKMF Mr Urple

1069 views ✍   08 mei. 12

Holy Bean

Us Dutchies have some interesting proverbs. One of my favorite is 'Heilig boontje' or 'holy bean' and this is what a holy bean would look like in my mind.
WKMF Holy Bean

1465 views ✍  26 jan. 12

Blue Batman

WKMF Batman vector drawbatman

727 views ✍  29 dec. 11


WKMF Hellboy vector drawhellboy

818 views ✍  27 dec. 11


It's not even near sharkweek, but here is a nice vector shark!
WKMF Shark vector

1845 views ✍  18 dec. 11

Digital graffiti

This little sketch was on my desk for about 4 months, decided to pick it up for tonights #pixelrace along with a combination of patterns and blend modes to juice up the contrast in the letters!

762 views ✍  07 dec. 11

The Advectores of Tintin

The Adventures of Tintin is in cinemas now and I am very curious about it! As a kid I loved reading the comics with that cute iconic dog and that famous red-white checkered rocket. I watched some trailers and decided to make a vector tribute to Tintin, or 'Kuifje' as we dutchies call him.
WKMF Tintin vector

808 views ✍  05 dec. 11

Birds of the future

Birds are taking over these days, we all tweet around, shoot them at pigs in Angrybirds and fly over colourful landscapes in Tinywings. I also like birds alot and decided to vector a friendly bird resting on a powerline.

777 views ✍  26 okt. 11

Big head toons

A while back I created these big headed vector toons. They were living like voices inside my brain and I had to let them out. Maybe I will create more later, I like them alot!

927 views ✍  14 okt. 11

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