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Over the past 2 months I enjoyed a blissful silence. A silence without any notification and disturbance. I decided to disable ALL notifications from my phone and it was magic! With the amount of notifications I usually receiver on a daily basis this was a cherry to pick, and it tasted like more to me.Our love was a notification Wondering if it could stay

Working 9-5 and sitting through some weekly meetings, not all notifications are welcome at the time of the event. And since they can spill in from every channeled app on your device, they are hardly ever beneficial at the time of the event itself.

Even though I truly enjoyed my moments of silence in the abyss, there are some ups and downs to this action. So lets start with the upsides:

Not bad right, but here are some drawbacks to consider.

The first conclusion to make here is that this was a good thing to consider and adapt to. Whenever I feel the distracting notifications taking over I now dig into their settings whenever I feel, and filter out what I do not need at that moment.

In just two months I noticed I had more time on my hands that I could spend more effective.This is why I consider it a success, less is more, and if I get a new follower somewhere, I will find out eventually!

534 views ✍   19 nov. 16

Inktober 2016 second half

And my 2016 inktober month is complete! here is the second set of drawings. I hope you enjoy watching them.


Talisman Inktober 2016

589 views ✍  31 okt. 16

Inktober 2016 first half

I decided to take part in inktober. I havent drawn a lot over the past 2 years, and now decided to pick it up again. And with 16 days in I am really happy with the results thus far, and wanted to share them here! So here they come!

Skull Slush

skull slush Inktober 2016

544 views ✍  16 okt. 16

Glossy Cards

One of my recent intends was printing some quality business cards! With just a few rough sketches I came up with this format I liked alot. It is very basic like a wireframe and the spot gloss layer really adds that famous finishing touch to it.
Interaction Design WKMF gloss cards Erik bij de Vaate

1172 views ✍  23 feb. 13

2013 is upon us

So the world didn't end the way of the mayas, and why would it? Everybody just tosses the calendar off the wall and get a new one up there, no big deal at all...
2013 diamond style

1015 views ✍  02 jan. 13

Simple savings

Saving money isn't easy, last year I tossed out all euro coins from my wallet every Sunday evening. A simple way to save up some cash resulting in a total of 325,92 savings. Almost a dollar a day, not bad for saving some extra cash right?

919 views ✍  31 dec. 12


I was kinda bored, and wondered how the Apple logo would have looked when the company name had been Ammonite.

Decided to give it a go, with a short 10 minute vector pixelrace!

4717 views ✍  19 jun. 12

Drop Shadow of Death

When one drop of shadow isn't enough to pop your 2.0 design, one has to innovate with Drop Shadows of Death! To really take your design over the top, just add some drop shadows that drop even more shadows.the drop shadows of death effect

1205 views ✍  05 apr. 12


Today I stumbled upon a few words about advertising, wise words coming from Banksy's ratty lips.

Banksy's street art glorifies what is essentially vandalism, joking around with politics, trademarks, brands and a good dose of healthy social commentary. Read his anarchist vision on advertising:

1092 views ✍  23 feb. 12


Yes I am still alive! I watched a football match in the stadium. The match kicked off at -3℃ within 90 minutes it dropped till -6℃. You had to watch out for beverage frost!

WKMF Football Stadium

996 views ✍  08 feb. 12

Tree Hugger

I heart carved a tree today! Always wanted to do this! So I picked a tree, got my knife out and started cutting away.

WKMF heart carved tree

3259 views ✍  21 jan. 12

Pixel art series

Here is a series of 5 pixel artworks, these pixels are 25 times bigger than the ones on your screen with 2 pixel spacing between them. Every cluster of four pixels is given a triangle overlay to add more depth to the image.

6893 views ✍  12 jan. 12

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