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WKMFY new year

WKMF wishes all of you a lovely 2012! To celebrate this we spiced up a nice card for you after the click!

According to the anchient Maya calendar the last year on our planet, so we might as well enjoy and document the best of it! What could go wrong? We have to go on! Plan for the future, that was not yet a feature!

Start this year safe, I'd love to see you back to this spot!

WKMF Happy New Year

888 views ✍   01 jan. 12

I don't need anything!

I just came home from late night shopping. While strolling down the street looking at the shop windows I came to realize I didn't need anything! The first part of the street is packed with clothing stores like my closet, so I skipped this part of the shopping area.

730 views ✍  15 sep. 11

Recycle that!

One of the many ways to save our planet is recycling. So today we go green, where design is never dead to reinvent and reassemble! Skateboarding is not a crime, and alot of perfectly crafted decks got shred. Shywood Skateboard Shades came up with a clever recycle solution for all this splintered waste.

942 views ✍  04 sep. 11

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