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Google Pixel

google pixel white unboxing Since it was my birthday today, I needed to get myself a nice treat. After some hard ponderings, and the fact that I shredded my Note Edge 5 by dropping it while biking, I decided the new Google Pixel would do just fine, and I was more than right about that.

Firstly, its built to last towards the future, with the new USB C setup. And that is just the first step of this new flagship. The Nougat Android comes with new additions like the longpress option menu and a more goal orientated flow to build upon. Google really shows they are maturing the UI of material design towards a new level, keeping an eye out towards competitors.

Then there is the camera, taking pictures is great, but shooting stable video is always a challenge. The gyroscope integration balances this out a lot, and even though I havent been able to play with it alot, I am truly satisfied with the quality of the camera.

The price is a bit steep, and this is not just a phone for everybody, but to me it feels like the hardware is well balanced around the software demands of the devices capabilities. It feels good to the hand, and preforms faster than a ninja, and it feels unstoppable at doing so.

Setting up the device was easier than ever, and paying with it for some hours, I am confident that this was the right choice to make. The pixel will put a big smile on my face facing the future.

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Social expansion

It is important to grow your (social)network, so should one invest in new followers, fans, users or clients? Well maybe you should, mass equals cash, so connecting and interacting with your audience is very important!

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Screen Importance

To some people this may sound like mobile first but it is not. True, we live in a mobile driven generation, but that does not mean you have to put mobile first in the design and development progress. Look at the traffic stats of your product, are your mobile users really overruling the other users? Probably not, but if you think mobile first is the best approach for the ~12% of traffic on mobile devices be my guest.

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Metro or Wipeout

Today I stumbled upon a video with some highlights of the wipeout3 game. This futuristic racer dates back to the PS1 and the main goal is to eliminate as many opponents as possible during races.

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Pagination Sorted

Pagination and Sorting are like David & Goliath, both features have great powers willing to conflict with each other. So you might want to try and keep them apart :) But who will win this epic battle? If I had to place my bet, my money would be on pagination, so lets start this battle by implementing both features to get the job done!

There are 68 pages of paginated content and the contents are sorted on date. You find yourself lost at page 7 and decide to adjust the sorting to title...

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10 commandments of IxD

You remember the old commandments right? They are here to guide you past the confusion of forms, colours and noises. Keeping them in mind is like keeping an eye out for your goal at the end of your design project.

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30 years of scrolling

Some 30 years ago scrollbars were introduced, allowing users to pane through content within digital products. At that time the mouse still used a rubber ball to track the movement of the cursor and it would be some time before the scroll wheel was introduced.

History of scrollbars
Nowadays all mouses come with a scroller and dedicated buttons for user-defined actions. Also, in these thirty years, some new input devices were added to the list and there came new ways of gathering input from the user. Touchpads, trackballs, tablets (with or without the stylus), gestures, carried devices and recently the leap-motion controller introduced new ways of interaction for users to play with.

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[placeholder] centered design

Nowadays design is centered around a lot of things, mostly the user but in my 12 years of working as a designer I have encountered some new streams of design centring. Most software companies will state that their products feature a user centered design, but the only user they connected with (if any) are internal testers, who clearly are not users but employees on the companies payroll.

User centered design is easier said then done. To do user centered design, you will have to actively and constantly engage with your audience, this is a continuos process. It takes a lot of time and even more preparations when you want to set it up correctly. It also takes loads of dedication and commitment to encourage your audience to work closely with you. These communities need to be built, and social media is a good place to do so. New users might need guidance when looping through a products learning curve, this can also be a reason to connecting with your audience.

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Smart design & planning

Get SMART, or die tryin! A new year is upon us and here are some neat tips for S.M.A.R.T. planning and designing! Double up these 5 simple steps and build it big in 2012!

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Ginkgo Faces

Today I spotted a Ginkgo biloba leaf in the streets. I took a closer look and noticed it had the outline of a face on the edge of the leaf, just like a silhouette. So go out, out in the wind and find yourself some Ginkgo leaf faces!
Faces on Ginkgo leaves

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Webfonts heatmap

Today we merge up the letters of the alphabet and we do this with the main websafe fonts. There are basically two types of fonts: serif and sans serif fonts. Serif fonts are fonts with fine cross lines at the end of the letters. Sans serif are fonts that without these crosslines on the them. Merging up all the letters reveals the visual identity and consistency of a font.

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