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Pagination Sorted

Pagination and Sorting are like David & Goliath, both features have great powers willing to conflict with each other. So you might want to try and keep them apart :) But who will win this epic battle? If I had to place my bet, my money would be on pagination, so lets start this battle by implementing both features to get the job done!

There are 68 pages of paginated content and the contents are sorted on date. You find yourself lost at page 7 and decide to adjust the sorting to title...

Now that would make a nice math problem, if I made some nice checkbox selections just before adjusting the sorting settings :)

Sorting lets you specify the preferred order for the structured content of data, and yes it will be the entire set of data. Precious data that might get filtered too in some cases. After sorting out all the content to display, the relevant data is displayed in the newest sort order.

Pagination is like a silent ninja, chopping the entire dataset to byte-sized sushi, easy for you to consume. This lets you shift through your daily meal of data, but you can not order your favorite sushi structure.

While sorting out paginated content, it is wise to reset the pagination to the first page for the user, so he can start to consume his content from the starting point of his newly sorted dataset. By doing so the user can respond to errors, and quickly toggle the sorting direction when he finds himself on the wrong side of the dataset.

922 views ✍   15 nov. 13

10 commandments of IxD

You remember the old commandments right? They are here to guide you past the confusion of forms, colours and noises. Keeping them in mind is like keeping an eye out for your goal at the end of your design project.

895 views ✍   11 nov. 13

Vector Cappuccino

As most of you know, I have this awesome cat named Cappuccino and I made a vector tribute of my naughty little rascal! He has been camping out with my parents due to a holiday and the fair being in town. Last year all the noise stressed him out! So I kinda miss him
vector cat cappuccino

1236 views ✍   08 aug. 13

Stories to tell

It has been a very long time since my last update, and I have alot of stories to telll. Meanwhile I shot a roll of Color Negative Film with my Balda Jubilette. I surely hope you will enjoy these pictures!

The stories will come in time!

Folds and light

Balda Jubilette Color Negative Film Photography

1078 views ✍   29 jun. 13

B&W Jubilette

Lately I shot another roll with my 1945 Balda Jubilette this time I shot it on a Black and White film.


Balda Jubilette BW Film Photography

1292 views ✍   17 apr. 13

Pixelated Vader

Hello there, and SORRY for the lack of posts and updates, it's been busy times ... To make it up to you, I made this lovely pixelated 8bitty darth vader for you to enjoy!
WKMF Pixel Art pixelated dark side 8 bit Darth Vader Star WarsAfter I tuned this daddy up I made a more detailed one that you can enjoy after the click.

2933 views ✍   26 mrt. 13

Glossy Cards

One of my recent intends was printing some quality business cards! With just a few rough sketches I came up with this format I liked alot. It is very basic like a wireframe and the spot gloss layer really adds that famous finishing touch to it.
Interaction Design WKMF gloss cards Erik bij de Vaate

1315 views ✍   23 feb. 13

30 years of scrolling

Some 30 years ago scrollbars were introduced, allowing users to pane through content within digital products. At that time the mouse still used a rubber ball to track the movement of the cursor and it would be some time before the scroll wheel was introduced.

History of scrollbars
Nowadays all mouses come with a scroller and dedicated buttons for user-defined actions. Also, in these thirty years, some new input devices were added to the list and there came new ways of gathering input from the user. Touchpads, trackballs, tablets (with or without the stylus), gestures, carried devices and recently the leap-motion controller introduced new ways of interaction for users to play with.

1464 views ✍   01 feb. 13

Non Color In Color

Shooting within a theme is a good exercise to work on your skills as a photographer. Personally I am always looking for images within one following themes: Graffiti, Vandalism, Nature, Street, Non color in color, Urban faces, Architecture and Bokeh. Today I show some highlights of my favourite theme, Non color in color, along with some short stories about the picture. The idea behind this theme is photos with an obvious lack of color, you have to keep your eyes open for shots like these.neon bar angel Non Color In Color

1232 views ✍   17 jan. 13

[placeholder] centered design

Nowadays design is centered around a lot of things, mostly the user but in my 12 years of working as a designer I have encountered some new streams of design centring. Most software companies will state that their products feature a user centered design, but the only user they connected with (if any) are internal testers, who clearly are not users but employees on the companies payroll.

User centered design is easier said then done. To do user centered design, you will have to actively and constantly engage with your audience, this is a continuos process. It takes a lot of time and even more preparations when you want to set it up correctly. It also takes loads of dedication and commitment to encourage your audience to work closely with you. These communities need to be built, and social media is a good place to do so. New users might need guidance when looping through a products learning curve, this can also be a reason to connecting with your audience.

447 views ✍   12 jan. 13

Skateboard Vectors

I'm not a good skateboarder, but some of my friends really know how to throw some wild tricks! So I decided to convert some good pictures into vector. Just another trick up my sleeve
WKMF Skateboard vector flip

4202 views ✍   11 jan. 13

Future Camera

Today I stumbled upon this nice video showing a new interactive concept camera: The WVIL from Artefact. The detachable lens provides new uses for the camera. Of course this is just a concept, but a camera shown in the video can turn the world of photography upside-down.

1130 views ✍   04 jan. 13

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