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2013 is upon us

So the world didn't end the way of the mayas, and why would it? Everybody just tosses the calendar off the wall and get a new one up there, no big deal at all...
2013 diamond style

2012 wasn't that bad, with 80 posts on the blog, new blogtopics and a better, responsive design of the website. I had a great night shooting some fireworks amongst great people. Had some good talk and laughs with Jeff Bajayo. He told me about the Invision app, a nice tool for designing, sharing and building prototypes for mobile tablet and the web.The year started out sunny, so my prediction is 2013 will shine light in some dark places.

1164 views ✍   02 jan. 13

Simple savings

Saving money isn't easy, last year I tossed out all euro coins from my wallet every Sunday evening. A simple way to save up some cash resulting in a total of 325,92 savings. Almost a dollar a day, not bad for saving some extra cash right?

1054 views ✍   31 dec. 12


FINISHED! Week #52 of my shoot366 project.

358/366 - Roof rain?

1099 views ✍   31 dec. 12


Week #51 of my shoot366 project, 9 days left! I'm really stoked! Rewarded myself with a new 18.5 1:1.8 lens for my nikon J1

351/366 - King Cat

1085 views ✍   21 dec. 12


Week #50 of my shoot366 project, almost there! Shooting pictures daily has been a real challenge. It was a real struggle finding that daily shot, but mostly I had a bunch of shots to pick from. Not only did I learn a lot, within a year I shot about as much pictures as the period from 2008 till the end of 2011.

Amazing! Looped the file numbering on my nikon J1, this alone stands for more than 9999 pictures.I used multiple cameras throughout the year so I still got some sorting to do. And I also shot some rolls with my 1945 Balda Jubuilette on lomography redscale film, they turned out very oldschoolish!

344/366 - Setting up the tree

1161 views ✍   15 dec. 12


Dunny custom Wrecker Battlescar Work In Progress Erik bij de Vaate Another post, a custom dunny named Wrecker. He served as a spy cambot in the army, and got battlescarred in the last war. Now everybody can spot his machinery guts! I used a small PCB for his skull.

1008 views ✍   15 dec. 12

Toadstool Dunny

Here is one of my other customs, a old dunny tree with some yucky toadstools on him. We kick this post off with a WIP shot!
Dunny custom Toadstool Work In Progress Erik bij de Vaate

1126 views ✍   10 dec. 12

Dark Priest

This dark illuminati priest is forging a monster
illuminati Dark Priest summon satan Diablo

1176 views ✍   10 dec. 12


Week #49 of my shoot366 project

337/366 - Double rainbow

1265 views ✍   07 dec. 12


Week #48 of my shoot366 project

330/366 - Scribble monster

1092 views ✍   02 dec. 12

Octopus with a tablet

Yes that's right, this smart octopus found himself a tablet and won't let it go!
Octopus character with a tablet

1400 views ✍   01 dec. 12

4 seasons, same location

I had this idea of shooting a landscape from the same location every season. I love this little forest and used to come here very often in past times. It houses an abandoned brick factory that serves as graffiti hall of fame nowadays, sometimes you meet some nice people here that enjoy mountainbiking or quadracing through the area, making it a nice location to visit every now and then.

1169 views ✍   28 nov. 12

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