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So here it is, my first 7 shots of the shoot366 project! That's the first week down, still a long road to go! Hope I can keep up, need to pick up my pocketcam from my brother to serve as backup camera.

1/366 - The first and the last picture.

2/366 - Just a funny shot

3/366 - The world is a smaller place now.

4/366 - First time climbing

5/366 - Ambi-lit windows from my new Dojo

6/366 - Nikon J1 + FT1 + Lensbaby + Soft focus =

7/366 - Boarded up house

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1154 views ✍   07 jan. 12

Smart design & planning

Get SMART, or die tryin! A new year is upon us and here are some neat tips for S.M.A.R.T. planning and designing! Double up these 5 simple steps and build it big in 2012!

1091 views ✍   02 jan. 12

WKMFY new year

WKMF wishes all of you a lovely 2012! To celebrate this we spiced up a nice card for you after the click!

963 views ✍   01 jan. 12

Blue Batman

WKMF Batman vector drawbatman

998 views ✍   29 dec. 11


WKMF Hellboy vector drawhellboy

1115 views ✍   27 dec. 11


It's not even near sharkweek, but here is a nice vector shark!
WKMF Shark vector

2519 views ✍   18 dec. 11

Ginkgo Faces

Today I spotted a Ginkgo biloba leaf in the streets. I took a closer look and noticed it had the outline of a face on the edge of the leaf, just like a silhouette. So go out, out in the wind and find yourself some Ginkgo leaf faces!
Faces on Ginkgo leaves

982 views ✍   09 dec. 11

Digital graffiti

This little sketch was on my desk for about 4 months, decided to pick it up for tonights #pixelrace along with a combination of patterns and blend modes to juice up the contrast in the letters!

1040 views ✍   07 dec. 11

The Advectores of Tintin

The Adventures of Tintin is in cinemas now and I am very curious about it! As a kid I loved reading the comics with that cute iconic dog and that famous red-white checkered rocket. I watched some trailers and decided to make a vector tribute to Tintin, or 'Kuifje' as we dutchies call him.
WKMF Tintin vector

1090 views ✍   05 dec. 11

Birds of the future

Birds are taking over these days, we all tweet around, shoot them at pigs in Angrybirds and fly over colourful landscapes in Tinywings. I also like birds alot and decided to vector a friendly bird resting on a powerline.

1104 views ✍   26 okt. 11

Webfonts heatmap

Today we merge up the letters of the alphabet and we do this with the main websafe fonts. There are basically two types of fonts: serif and sans serif fonts. Serif fonts are fonts with fine cross lines at the end of the letters. Sans serif are fonts that without these crosslines on the them. Merging up all the letters reveals the visual identity and consistency of a font.

1438 views ✍   17 okt. 11

Big head toons

A while back I created these big headed vector toons. They were living like voices inside my brain and I had to let them out. Maybe I will create more later, I like them alot!

1219 views ✍   14 okt. 11

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