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I don't need anything!

I just came home from late night shopping. While strolling down the street looking at the shop windows I came to realize I didn't need anything! The first part of the street is packed with clothing stores like my closet, so I skipped this part of the shopping area.

I passed the jewelry because I felt no need to waste money on glitter and glamour to end up between the electronics stores, the danger zone. Do I need something new for my camera, a new game for my xbox? Maybe a neat gadget for my ipad? This dilemma pulled me into the store, and I strolled around a bit. A vendor approached me like a cockroach asking if I was looking for something special. I joked him asking what was special, to conclude I was just browsing around. It was crystal clear, I didn't need any new techies, back to the streets! What's next?

A pet store, do I need another pet? No, I just got a small kitten and that's enough trouble for now, strolling along! I scooped up an Italian ice cream with a scoop of pistachio and pear and my shopping quest continued. Oh look! Shoes, hmm the season is changing but I can't enter the store with my drippy cone, maybe next time. On to the next street!

I turned the corner while my nose filled up with a mixture of scents, and I lost my appetite for ice cream, thank you perfumery! I turned right and passed the music and department store realizing I didn't need any music or general household related items. I turned my attention to the cash machine further down the street.

I grabbed some money from it and strolled towards my favorite pub to grab a beer. Maybe all I needed was some cash, an ice cream and a cold beer. I have no other needs and wants at this time.

759 views ✍   15 sep. 11

Recycle that!

One of the many ways to save our planet is recycling. So today we go green, where design is never dead to reinvent and reassemble! Skateboarding is not a crime, and alot of perfectly crafted decks got shred. Shywood Skateboard Shades came up with a clever recycle solution for all this splintered waste.

1014 views ✍   04 sep. 11

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