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Webfonts heatmap

Today we merge up the letters of the alphabet and we do this with the main websafe fonts. There are basically two types of fonts: serif and sans serif fonts. Serif fonts are fonts with fine cross lines at the end of the letters. Sans serif are fonts that without these crosslines on the them. Merging up all the letters reveals the visual identity and consistency of a font.

Arial is the big bad business font, most things are dull and arial.
WKMF Arial Font Merge
Century Gothic is very slim and sexy, with perfect circles in the smallcaps.
WKMF Century Font Merge
Comic sans is the ugliest dog in the websafe family, you should never use this.
WKMF Comic Sans Font Merge
Courier is slim and sexy like Century Gothic and has an origin of symmetry.
WKMF Courier Font Merge
Georgia is the sexy typewriter, with a real clean desk policy.
WKMF Georgia Font Merge
Impact is like a slap in your face, therefore it is mostly used for advertisements
WKMF Impact Font Merge
Times New Roman is the ugly typewriter and default font within most Windows based browsers.
WKMF Times New Roman Font Merge
Trebuchet is Arials sexy sister, more detail and better curves.
WKMF Trebuchet Font Merge
Verdana is dull like Arial, she should not be bold.
WKMF VerdanaFont Merge

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