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Non Color In Color

Shooting within a theme is a good exercise to work on your skills as a photographer. Personally I am always looking for images within one following themes: Graffiti, Vandalism, Nature, Street, Non color in color, Urban faces, Architecture and Bokeh. Today I show some highlights of my favourite theme, Non color in color, along with some short stories about the picture. The idea behind this theme is photos with an obvious lack of color, you have to keep your eyes open for shots like these.neon bar angel Non Color In Color

One of my first within this theme, shot during a holiday in Platja d`Aro, Spain. After a night in the clubs my eyes caught sight of the angel statue and the neon bars on the ceiling behind it. This has been my desktop background for years.instripted numb3rs Non Color In ColorA few years after that I got a Nikon Coolpix P5100 and this is one of the first macro test I shots made with that little compact camera.
Rock your brain Non Color In ColorOne of the many famous boulders of Fontainebleau, France. The texture looks like the skin of an elephant or brain made of rocks.
Sky divide Non Color In ColorThese powerlines and threatening clouds caught my eye while taking a walk.
Do it Differently Non Color In ColorI am a huge fan of quotes, found this one in a bar in Rotterdam.
Fatcap Drifting Non Color In ColorOn a cold winter day me and my pals were jamming in a hall of fame. While painting one of my caps got constipated and after tossing it to the floor it made a little drift like skidmark.
Binary sky Non Colour In ColourA very modern building in Rotterdam,
Into the mist Non Color In ColorAnother holiday picture shot from a ski lift cabin in a very misty Mayrhofen. Once we got above the clouds the sun was up, and it was a great day of snowboarding.
Guggenheim Non Colour In ColourThe famous Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, one of the most beautiful pieces of architecture from my point of view.
Rated R Non Color In ColorA random typography shot on a moving staircase, I always keep my eyes open for fonts or letterlike shapes.

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