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Social expansion

It is important to grow your (social)network, so should one invest in new followers, fans, users or clients? Well maybe you should, mass equals cash, so connecting and interacting with your audience is very important!

Every node within your network is worth a dollar if you are willing to invest it. Bigger networks offer higher response on interactions with your audience, but you will have to keep entertaining this mass. You can also use social services to provide help and support for your products and gain valuable feedback for (improving) your services.

As you can see your network back you up and assist in many ways, but maintaining a social strategy costs a lot of time and/or money. A tip here is to plan-out your network activities for consistent exposure.


It is clear that expanding your network is worth all the time and money invested in it. Be there, available for your audience, connect with them. The more you share the more you have, and you get back even more if you succeed to entertain your audience.

As the wise Buddha would say:
What you are is what you have been, what you will be is what you do now.

Dont be a bore

Keep your audience in mind and provide valuable, interesting and entertaining content and see the difference it makes. Social media is not just a channel for you to constantly push yourself, your business and your products about. This just makes you look selfish! Your business is not the epicentre of the universe, so stop alienating your network. Think about your audience, what will they like and be like. When and why will they press that precious button. Is this the right tone of voice for your message and your audience.


Do it now! Maybe you are not doing enough, or trying to do too much. Find that perfect balance to take your business social! Inconsistency means you will be easily forgotten and shows you uninterested in your audience, especially if you are only posting updates when you have something to sell. Connect, create and continue because there is no pause button on a successful viral strategy. Everybody can be a social media expert and learn to build and grow your business as well as your network. Focus on interacting with your audience and dedicate yourself to making them work for you.

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