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Pagination Sorted

Pagination and Sorting are like David & Goliath, both features have great powers willing to conflict with each other. So you might want to try and keep them apart :) But who will win this epic battle? If I had to place my bet, my money would be on pagination, so lets start this battle by implementing both features to get the job done!

There are 68 pages of paginated content and the contents are sorted on date. You find yourself lost at page 7 and decide to adjust the sorting to title...

Now that would make a nice math problem, if I made some nice checkbox selections just before adjusting the sorting settings :)

Sorting lets you specify the preferred order for the structured content of data, and yes it will be the entire set of data. Precious data that might get filtered too in some cases. After sorting out all the content to display, the relevant data is displayed in the newest sort order.

Pagination is like a silent ninja, chopping the entire dataset to byte-sized sushi, easy for you to consume. This lets you shift through your daily meal of data, but you can not order your favorite sushi structure.

While sorting out paginated content, it is wise to reset the pagination to the first page for the user, so he can start to consume his content from the starting point of his newly sorted dataset. By doing so the user can respond to errors, and quickly toggle the sorting direction when he finds himself on the wrong side of the dataset.

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