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Ingress level 8 within a month

Last month I started playing Ingress, a near-real time augmented reality MMO pervasive game created by Niantic Labs, a start up within Google.. I managed to reach level 8 within a month and in this post I will share some insights of the things I did to level up this fast.

Ingress: tips building fields WKMF whatkeptmefrom

When I first started playing the game, I did everything on foot at first which was very time consuming so after a few days I decided to go by bike and that really sped things up a bit. After playing an hour a day for a week I setup a nice network of blue fields in the northern area of the city I live in. I spent most of my effort in creating links and fields, and did not focus on attacking the Enlightened portals in the city centre.
It took me a few days to bump into other players, and the first one I met was on the opposite team, so it was a bit awkward at first.

In the weekend one of the Enlightened players took down most of the fields I created over the week and I had to restore lots of fields to recreate my cluster on the map. After I restored most of the damage I decided to start my attack on the Enlightened portals. Since I only spent time on building links and fields I had about 400 XMPs abd a load of powercubes with ranges between level 1-4. Looking at the AP scoring chart I noticed the rewards for destroying a field are 750 AP. With this knowledge in the back of my mind I selected some portals to target with more than 6 fields around them.

The first portal on my takedown list had 8 fields and some loose links on it, so after destroying all the resonators I received about 9000 AP reaching level 5 within my first week of playing. The second portal I wanted to take down had shields deployed on it that I did not notice, so I fired all of my remaining XMPs on it to destroy the resonators.

At this point I had no resources left to do anything and decided to head home hacking around abit. After a few hacks I received an Ada Refactor, but I did not know what to do with it. After some quick youtube research I found out I could use it to convert an Enlightened portal to a Resistance one. I decided to gve it a go the next day but did not have enough xp to use it at the moment I got to the portal.The resonators were almost gone so I fired the few bursters I gathered to destroy the portal the 10 fields surrounding it! BOOM!! level 6 in the pocket!

Ingress: tips what 100.000AP looks like WKMF whatkeptmefrom

I connected with a local faction member, who supplied me with alot of XMPs to take down alot of enemy portals. After taking them down, we had some Enlightened members stalking us so there was no time left to start-up and link the potals we claimed. The next day everything was rebuilt by the Enlightened team, and I still had loads of XMPs to take it down again. Looking at the activity stream I was the only one playing locally, and within an hour I gained about 100.000 AP by claiming portals and linking them together. The picture above shows the outcome.

Some tips:

After my first month of playing I am still learning the best practices of this amazing game. If you liked this article please share it on twitter.

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