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Ingress - Helios

Last Saturday I attended my first Ingress Anomaly, the Helios in Rotterdam! Since I had no idea what to expect, my team did a very good job and maintained 8 out of the 9 portals that were assigned to our team. Here is an overview of our assigned portals and the portal-status during the measurements.

Cluster 1
RES - The Jungle of Pieter de raad
RES - The Wall Rose
NEU - The Water Alien

heading towards our assigned portals in the second cluster
Cluster 2
RES - Allegory river Nieuwe Maas
RES - Kerk Doopsgezinde Gemeente

Holding down the nieuwe delftse poort
Cluster 3
RES - Zonne Wijzer
RES - Scots International Church Rotterdam

The battle for the tulips is over
Cluster 4
RES - Tulips from Rotterdam

We were overpowered by 20 Enlightenment agents on the last portal, located at the top corner of the cluster. My team kept all ultra strikes and extra rare shields for the fourth cluster measurement, we were able overpower the other agents to claim and maintain the portal successfully after they ran out of shields.

Resistance won this Satellite event with just 50 points, so our faction was under a bliss after a good day of hacking, deploying, shielding and shooting.

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