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Inktober 2016 first half

I decided to take part in inktober. I havent drawn a lot over the past 2 years, and now decided to pick it up again. And with 16 days in I am really happy with the results thus far, and wanted to share them here! So here they come!

Skull Slush

skull slush Inktober 2016

Mighty Matterhorn

Mighty Matterhorn Inktober 2016

The lady with the heart tattoo

The lady with the heart tattoo Inktober 2016

Twisted Heart

Twisted Heart Inktober 2016


Tumblebee Inktober 2016

Cute bird

Cute bird Inktober 2016

One Love Spray can

One Love Spray can

Bird Ring

Bird Ring Inktober 2016

Mask of the third eye

Mask of the third eye Inktober 2016

Bamboo Study

Bamboo Study Inktober 2016

NUT graffiti sketch

NUT graffiti sketch Inktober 2016

Kawaii Nappy cat

Kawaii Nappy cat Inktober 2016

IETS Graffiti Sketch

IETS Graffiti Sketch Inktober 2016

Queen Bee

Queen Bee Inktober 2016

Angel A

Angel A Inktober 2016

Football Maya

Football Maya Inktober 2016

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