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Metro or Wipeout

Today I stumbled upon a video with some highlights of the wipeout3 game. This futuristic racer dates back to the PS1 and the main goal is to eliminate as many opponents as possible during races.

If you look at the video, showing some slick animated logos that are still ahead of their time nowadays. You might also notice the menus look alot like the Metro UI. For example the vehicle selection screen uses the big topheader and four lists for selecting your vehicle to race in.

Wipeout 3 vehicle selection screen

The same lists are used for track selection, and I really like the fact that the use of whitespace relates alot to the Metro UI guidelines.

Wipeout 3 track selection screen

Considering this game was released back in 1999 they did a great job on creating a futuristic interface. The game was positively received on release; critics lauded the graphics, music, and minimalist design elements.

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