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Pixel art series

Here is a series of 5 pixel artworks, these pixels are 25 times bigger than the ones on your screen with 2 pixel spacing between them. Every cluster of four pixels is given a triangle overlay to add more depth to the image.

First in this series is Mona Lisa, worlds most famous woman ever depicted on canvas. Her mysterious smile was painted by Leonardo da Vinci somewhere between 1503 and 1507.

WKMF Pixel Art Series: Mona Lisa
Second is The Starry Night painting by Vincent Van Gogh. He created this painting when he was in a psychiatric center in France.

WKMF Pixel Art Series: Starry night
The Creation of Adam is the third candidate this series one of the most well-known and famous artworks of all time, created around 1511.

WKMF Pixel Art Series: The creation of Adam
Temptation appears to Saint Anthony is the laughing quarter! Built with 1024 squares representing strength, in the form of a horse followed by an elephant carrying the golden cup of lust in which a nude woman is standing precariously balanced on the fragile pedestal.

WKMF Pixel Art Series: The temptation of Saint Anthony
Really 1024 squares! You can count them :) Last but not least in this series is La Promenade, la femme a l'ombrelle by Monet! I hope you enjoyed this series!

WKMF Pixel Art Series: La Promenade

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