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One year Ingress + Guardian tips

Today I completed my first year as an ingress agent. Within this year I achieved level 14 agent clearance and walked 2121 KM, neutralised 5014 portals destroying 11652 links and 6697 fields. Captured 5224 portals (1601 uniques) and deployed 43,206 resonators in order to create 7983 links and 4307 control fields. Totalling 30.510.927 AP

Over the year I made lots of new friends within my faction and collaborated on various BAF (Big Ass Field) operations. I (re)visited a lot of cities like Haarlem(NL), Paris, Fontainebleau, Rotterdam and Leiden, to explore with the scanner app.

Ingress Tilburg Crossfaction Starportal

But for now the going gets tough, since I need to grind down gold medals to turn them into platinum and the work needed for this is insane. I made a plan for the Pioneer badge, to average 6 UPCs each day... This worked in the beginning but it is getting to the point where I have captured most portals around the cities I live and work.

With all the new agents since the iPhone release, setting up guardians is getting harder and harder. Every new player reduces your chances to getting the platinum or onyx guardian badge. I looked around for tips to perfectly plant a guardian and stumbled upon a nice tip that makes some sense that I would like to share with you.

Ingress Fieldart Duck

To start, firstly you need IITC, and find a level 3 or level 4 portal within the city you live and select it on the intel map. With the portal selected, zoom out to see the range of that portal. The idea is that you place your guardians around the range line of that portal. The range is like a padding to hide your guardian from enemy agents within your city. Another benefit is that your agent name will be less familiar with agents living in that region. Look for areas with low portal density and little agent activity and monitor the locations before you go and claim the portal.

Another great tip I stumbled upon is to visit a theme park that closes down during the winter and visit it on the day before it closes, the only risk here is that there could be some enemy agents working there as employees (which you can also check and monitor beforehand) having access to the park after closing time.

I hope you find these tips useful, If I find some more later on I will share them right here.

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